Saturday, March 29, 2008

This is a test to see if I can get photos to post. It worked when I view my blog, but all I can see is this Russian looking stuff, rather than photos? In this case, I'm adding another photo, so you will have the before, during and after photos of the theater project. Just read the narrative below. The bottom photo is the before, the top photo is the during and the middle photo is the finished product. :-)


For many years we had a hobby that turned into a small business for us, a photography business. Hubby was very good at this, but it was hard work. We photographed children, weddings, families and small commercial jobs. We did very well, but I hated the weddings. I used to have nightmares about them. They were extremely stressful (you only get one shot at the job). It's not like you can go back and reshoot if the photos don't turn out well. I did an analysis of the hours and net profit and we could have worked at McDonald's and made about the same amount of money without the stress. So, when Hubby was downed sized (nice way of saying "you are fired") we started another business in order to make a living and could not maintain both businesses. We made a decision to sell the photo equipment and we had lots of it. We managed to sell most of the professional equipment, but in exchange for the photo studio that was in the attic, we put in a theater. I must admit the theater is so much more fun.

Well, the treadmill was behind the theater screen and Hubby decided to sell the treadmill. The entire screen had to be moved in order to move the treadmill. It was a big mess. I don't get it. Hubby starts projects, but he always manages to drag me into them, kicking and screaming, I might add. I had the "pleasure" of figuring out what type of materials we needed to use to close in the screen. We made a couple of trips to the fabric store, but I finally decided that burlap might work. That would allow the sound to come through the fabric, but give a finished look above and beside the screen. It took me several hours to attach the burlap to the frame Hubby had build, but I did it and he was extremely pleased. It's a good thing, because he was going to have the pleasure of figuring out what was going to be put up.

All the junk has been cleaned out from behind the screen, all the dust bunnies have been caged and we have a finished product. The only thing Hubby want to do is build a shelf that will accommodate the amp the DVD player AND store all the DVD's we have collected. I want to buy a small bookcase, but NOOOOOO, he's going to build one. He actually is a very good carpenter, but I want this project finished NOW! He's working on the bookcase. I suppose that is best, because he can make it just the right height and width to fit the corner where it will be used. However, I think that's going to require a new connection from the projector to the DVD player. One thing always calls for another. I've attempted to add photos, but I keep getting this Russian looking stuff at the top of the page. I give up. I'll just post the narrative.