Sunday, March 24, 2013


Hubby has been working diligently on this tractor that he "saved from the junk pile" (his words not mine).  He has sanded, scraped and painted the exterior and our trusted lawn mower repairman did a major maintenance on the tractor. 


The tractor even got a new horn.  Now the little boy that lives over the fence from us has  discovered there is a REAL tractor just over the fence and wants to come over all the time to ride on it.  Last weekend he had friends over to play and they begged his dad to take them all over for a ride.  They came over and all five of them loved the tractor rides, even the little girls. 

Last week a friend helped Hubby build a shed for the tractor, so she has been moved from a temporary tent made out of a tarp to her permanent home.  Last night we decided the ole girl needed a name, so let me introduce Emma to you. 

Say Hi to EMMA!

Emma's new house.