Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Ice Skating Anyone?

This is our front yard, a solid piece of ice. If I had ice skates I could be out there cutting figure eights, assuming I can ice skate.

It was in the teens this morning with a wind chill of 9 degrees. The sun is out which has caused some of the snow/ice on the roof the melt. The high for today is only 30 degrees, tomorrow is only 31. However, Friday we are having a heat wave, it's going up to 43 degrees. Get out your bathing suits. Who knew 43 degrees would be--warm?

The main thoroughfares in the Atlanta area are okay, but all the side streets and neighborhoods are still frozen. I bet there will be another snow day for all students in the metro Atlanta area again tomorrow, that will be four days. Don't get too excited teachers and students, I heard rumors those days could extend the school year by four days.

Well, I'm going to drive to the garbage can, which is still on the road awaiting the Monday morning pickup. I don't dare attempt to walk because of all the ice along our driveway. It is much like the yard. I'm just glad we shoveled paths yesterday.

Monday, January 10, 2011


The State of Georgia, for the most part, is closed. Middle Georgia and all parts north. The sleet started last night just after dark and then it turned to heavy snow. I don't know the official amount of snowfall at the Atlanta Airport. There are people stranded there because hundreds of flights have been canceled.

We walked to the road this morning and saw foot prints in the snow. It could be our neighbor's cat or a fox. We were so amazed at how quiet it was outside, every thing is so still. I love this as long as we continue to have power, even though I will be able to cook and have hot water. I just like to have heat. We stacked firewood on the side porch in case the power does go off. Hubby has heat in his workshop that does NOT require electricity. We can always migrate to the workshop for warmth.

This is our road.

Watching the local news there is no, I mean zero, traffic at the Atlanta Airport. Some guy (I'm being nice) just set his BMW on FIRE from spinning his tires. It was a huge fire. The news media caught the entire episode on tape.

We are in for the day(s). I'm going to make a big pot of soup and cornbread. Yum.

Saturday, January 1, 2011


John Briggs
February 1948
December 31, 2010

We had big plans for New Year's Day. In the south pork loin, collard greens, and blackeye peas are a tradition on January 1st, so we were going to our friend's, John to share lunch and enjoy an afternoon of football, another southern tradition.

Last evening we received a call that John died suddenly. His wife of 28 years found him on the kitchen floor unresponsive. In spite of all the efforts of the EMTs and the emergency room doctors he didn't make it.

Hubby and John met when their employer sent them to middle management school back in the early 1980s. They immediate hit it off and became good friends. As a result our families became friends. We watched their children grow up, and now they have children.

We are devistated. We spend New Year's Eve crying our eyes out and much of today as well. Several years ago our friend asked Hubby if he would do the service when he died. Last evening when we got the word, Hubby said, "I don't know how I'm going to do this." Only through the support of prayer will Hubby be able to get through the service.

John had retired on disability back in 2000 after suffering a major heart attack. More recently he had been ill for several years with prostate cancer that had spread to his only kidney, which he lost. He had been on dialysis for over three years.

John, you are loved and will be greatly missed.