Saturday, October 25, 2008


All the post holes are dug, only because we had a little secret help from someone passing by, and kindly dug all but four holes with a huge auger. Our nephew, Addison, took the job to dig the last four; two right at where the utilities were marked, one by our neighbor's brick pillar and one in a clump of bushes that our secret helper couldn't reach with his big tractor.

Hubby and Addison have all the posts installed, wire up on the left side of the driveway and one row of boards over the wire. Thursday we spent the day with friends at their place on a hunting club, and when we got home we had a nice note on the front door from the CODE ENFORCEMENT man. "If you continue work on the fence there will be a citation and $1,000 fine."

A permit has to be obtained before you can put up a fence. More government intervention into our lives. It was quite easy to obtain, sorta and only cost $25, but still a pain in the rear.