Tuesday, July 7, 2009


It has been way too long since I last did a post. Seems like the summer is just flying by, it's half over. I consider July 4th the half-way mark of summer.

The following is a list of things we have been doing. I was going to post photos, but my computer can't "see" the card out of my camera, so I'll just list the things we have done.

  • We (this means Hubby and me, because I don't have a mouse in my pocket) went fishing at Stone Mountain and our local water authority pond.
  • We finished up facilitating our Financial Peace University classes the end of May. We had 13 families to pay off over $300,000 of consumer debt during the 13 weeks of class. It was a great class.
  • We went to the gun range for target practice. I have my target on the refrigerator. I wrote, "we call the morgue, not 911". I threatened to put this on our back door. I did really well, I can hit that target's heart every time.
  • We helped take photos of the Joy Prom at a local church. This is a prom for young adults with special needs that would never get to attend a prom without this event. It was a wonderful experience. There were three Chick-fil-A cows at the prom. They were all dressed up in their dresses and special flowers.
  • Hubby is making bird houses like crazy for a craft fair we are doing in two weeks.
  • Hubby has worked really hard in our garden.
  • I've canned 24 pints of green beans, we have eaten lots of cucumbers and squash, the tomatoes are about to ripen all at once and we have one lonely bell pepper. I managed to freeze about one-half bag of okra.
  • We spent the day with good friends in their home on top of a mountain in western North Carolina. Beautiful place timber frame house.
  • Attended a wedding, the son of Hubby's best friend growing up.
  • Took Mama on a tour of Turner Field (Braves home field). She was invited to a VIP tour by the Director of Customer Affairs. We were the only guests, it was a really great tour. He picked us up at the gate in a golf cart and we went from the top to the bottom of the stadium. Mama even went out on to the field and down into the Braves dugout. Then we were escorted to the spot Hank Aaron hit his 715 home run. It's is now part of the parking lot at the new stadium. This was a real BIG deal for Mama because she is an avid Braves fan. At 91 she keeps up with all of baseball.
  • We had a dear friend from Winston-Salem, North Carolina visit us and we were introduced to his girl friend. He lost his wife to cancer about three years ago and his sweet girl friend lost her husband last year to a stroke.
  • We went to the Civil War reenactment of the Battle of Resaca which was just north of Calhoun, Georgia.
  • We went to a craft fair in Blue Ridge, Georgia. Lots of stuff, all of which I can live without.
  • We have watched a Carolina Wren raise four babies right in front of our bay window. Hubby cleaned out the nest after the babies flew the coup, and they built another nest and are now raising another family of babies. I don't know just how many yet.
  • We had several ladies from the church come over, well, actually they invited themselves, but they brought lunch. We had a really fun time lunching on the patio. That was before it got too hot to eat outside.
  • We are trying to sell our Mustang. It's at a really good price, very low miles. We have had it, we have enjoyed it, but it's time to downsize. It is so much fun to drive, but it's just not practical to drive in traffic with it being a 5-speed and only two passengers are comfortable and there is absolutely no trunk space in that vehicle.
  • We bought us a little scooter car, a little Toyota Corolla. We love it. Found a great deal, low miles and very well maintained.
  • Hubby has joined the local hysterical society, I mean historical society. He will be doing chair making demonstrations at the restored house in town. He loves it. I'm not participating in this activity. I did 18th Century living history with him, but decided not to get involved in the 19th Century.
  • We participated in the activities at a local historic farm. In the process of digging out our 18th century clothes the top rack in the off season clothes closet fell knocking down the lower rack, so on the 4th we replaced all the hanging space in one of the upstairs closets. Such fun. It was an all day project with several trips to Lowe's to buy supplies and a couple of trips to return supplies not used.
  • I have several friends I meet for lunch. We all worked at the same place for 30 years so we get together to catch up on what is going on in each others lives.
  • Oh I almost forgot, I work a day or two each month. It's a great job, gets me out of the house, I make a little money and helps keep my brain working.
That about sums up all the fun filled activities here is the sunny south. This is pretty pathetic, I had to look through my photos in my camera to remember all the stuff we have been doing. Sad I know. I think we try to cram too many activities into a short period of time. You would never know we are retired and can slow down.