Wednesday, May 21, 2014


Technology is not one of our strong points, in fact, we struggle with all the technical devices now available.  Our cell phones came over on the Mayflower and when I dropped mine on the pavement the back cracked into about four pieces.  I thought I was going to have to duct tape the battery into my phone while I glued the back together.  I finally got the back secured, but I could not hear anyone that called me.  So, we decided to make the big...huge plunge.

We bought smartphones.  We've gone from these old phones:

To these new smart phones that know a lot more than we know.  Our old phones were so ancient they could not transfer any of our contacts.  It took me two days to input all of our contacts.  I can assure you I am an expert on putting those names and numbers in our phones. 

Then...Hubby's phone had a major defect, so it had to be returned.  I was so excited they could transfer those 234 contact my husband had in his defective phone.  When we realized the transfer scrambled the names and all of them were listed with first names in alphabetical order, I was so upset.  Another half day later, that problem was corrected.  Through that process, I discovered if you enter names as organizations they will not be altered if and when they are transferred to another phone.

It seems like we learn something new about our phones each day.  Do you know how to swipetype?  We didn't either, but one of our friends taught us how to do that.  When you text?  Put your finger on the first letter of the word, do NOT lift your finger, and swipe your finger over all the letters in the word.  When you do this it leaves a little white trail and a choice of words your phone thinks you are swiping.  It is so much easier than the pecking method of texting.

I love, love, love all the handy gadgets like the calendar and the calculator.  However, I still keep my paper calendar because I don't trust electronics.  Sorry all you techy types.  One of my dear friends had some type of technical failure with her iphone calendar and lost all the information on her calendar.  I'm just not going to chance that.

The tractor project continues to progress.  When the tractor was purchased my husband didn't realize it needed a hitch before any type of attachments could be used with the tractor.  He finally found a hitch and a friend helped him get it on the tractor...and it works!

     Interesting photograph, right?  I just know that hitch works, because the friend that helped with the installation brought his finishing mower over and they hitched it up and the mower worked.

Now, a tiller has been ordered.  I'm really nervous about our front yard.  However, I will gladly embrace the tilling of our side and back yard.  Because...

We had to have new field drain lines installed.  Red Georgia clay has a entirely new meaning to us.  Our entire side and back yard is a mess.  We are waiting on the ground to warm up so we can put down sod and expect it to live.  So, the tiller will work well, but I don't have a clue who is going to landscape the dirt to direct the water the way we want it to drain.  I am sick of looking at all that red dirt!

I'm glad to finally have some warm weather.  Now I'm ready to go fishing.