Saturday, March 31, 2007

Traffic, Traffic, Traffic

So much for the trip to the Pro Bass Shop in Macon. We were going to hop right on I-75 South and zip right on down. Are you kidding!!!! We got on the interstate and the traffic was crawling. The DOT electronic sign said, "Spring Break slow traffic south bound I-75 all the way to FL." We drove to the next exit and got off. We decided to have a nice lunch at Truett's (Chick-fil-A). That's Mr. Kathy's 70th birthday celebration store.

If you're not familiar with Chick-fil-A, Truett Kathy founded the company in 1946 with his brother in a little town called Hapeville, GA. It just happened to be located near the Atlanta Airport and the Ford Assembly Plant. Needless to say, Mr. Kathy has done very well. They did over a billion (billion with a B) dollars worth of business last year. Not bad for a Jonesboro boy? The Kathys raised their family in Jonesboro and still live in their home where their children grew up. A modest brick ranch house, full of love. They have shared their lives with many, many children and families.

Well, Hubby has just announced that my bread fell. YEHS!!!!! I've got to investigate to see why. I haven't made any this week and for dinner we were going to have fresh bread with grilled salmon and greenbeans. So much for the bread this evening, unless I start another loaf. It will take another two hours before it's ready and I'm not sure I want to wait that long for supper (that's southern for dinner, ya'll).

Tomorrow is Palm Sunday. This is the remembrance of Jesus coming in to the city being welcomed and praised by the people. We are expecting to have a great service tomorrow! I sure the music will be wonderful and our pastor will being a outstanding sermon. Check it out on the web

News from Tidewater

John C. Campbell Folk School

Well, it's been a while since our last post. Seems like things have been pretty routine around Tidewater until this past week.

Hubby has just returned from taking a tinsmith course at the John C. Campbell Folk School in Brasstown, North Carolina. He enjoyed the class, but he was really glad to get back home. He was able to stay with the sister and brother-in-law, Herb and Linda, of some close friends from Sunday School. These are the items he made in class. I did the math and they cost him $139.50 each. What a deal! However, he wanted to take this class, we've worked a long time, and why not!!?? We are spending our retirement.

Left Photo
This is Herb and Linda's home where Hubby stayed--what a nice place!

Right Photo--Hubby's tinsmith class

I went up on Wednesday, along with another really great friend from church, Stephanie--my Aussie friend and we had lunch with Linda, then drove over to the school, took a tour of the tinsmith class and some of the other classes close by--like the pottery class. Then we were off to the gift shop. I also met with the instructor of the hammer dulcimer class to see how much my hammer dulcimer is worth. I wanting to sell it, but had no clue what it's worth. Why keep something under the bed collecting dust when you can't play it, really don't have an interest in learning to play it, so it's like having money stashed collecting dust.

It's spring, we haven't had ANY rain in over two weeks and the pollen is AWFUL!!! When you walk from the car into the house you leave footprints in the yellow stuff. I'm trying to stay inside to keep the yellow powder out of my lungs. Historically, we get the most rain in March and we are already in a four inch deficit just for the month and I believe a seven inch deficit for the year. Not looking good for the summer months. We are suppose to be getting rain today, but the sun has just come out. When it does rain we are going to have yellow rivers of pollen. Lord, please sent rain.
In addition to no rain we have had way above average temperatures--low to mid 80's, then the past two days it's dropped back to normal--mid to upper 60-s, so we decided to have a fire last evening, supposing it just might be the last one of the year. I built a nice fire, left the room for just a few minutes and came back to find the room really smokey. I thought I had lost my touch for building wonderful, roaring fires, but I pulled out the fan, got the smoke moved out and went to work on the fire. It turned out and made the den really cozy.
Well, I managed to delete two of my photos and have had to reload them, so I'm going to quite before I delete any more.
One has thing. I've added a link to our blog. I have found a WONDERFUL blog written by a REAL SOUTHERN LADY! She will have you in tears from laughter one second and then tears from the tender writings. I'm addicted to BooMama's Blog. Check it out!!!!
Hubby has announced we are going to the Pro Bass Shop in Macon to look for a boat cover. What fun! He wants to do that and I want to be with him, so I'm going to the Pro Bass Shop and I'll enjoy it.

Wednesday, March 7, 2007

Treasure Claimed

My last post talked about finding an envelope of money at a local business we frequent, almost daily. The day after finding the money I returned to see if the money has been claimed by it's rightful owner. It had not. I then inquired as to how long they would hold it--five days, according to the Operations Manager. I told them I would be back on the 5th (of March).

I returned on the 5th and was shuffled around the store to several people until I talked to the Manager. I explained what happened the previous Thursday (March 1st). I described in detail the envelope and its contests to him, he went to the place it was stored, opened the drawer and surprisingly he presented it to me, thanked me for turning the money in AND shook my hand.

I really have mixed feeling concerning this found treasure. I'm excited, but I'm sad for the person that lost their money. However, I'm not free to spend this money, it's going into the savings, but the Lord is moving on my heart for it to be used for His Kingdom.

Friday, March 2, 2007


Yesterday I was in the midst of cleaning house, which evolved into cleaning our closets. Then the cleaning task turned into an attemtp to create more space in my closet. When we moved into this house in 1976 our closets were so spacious. Perhaps the reason might have been, we didn't have very many clothes back then. We could fit all our clothes in those two closets. Now we have to move our clothes as the seasons change to a closet upstaris.

In the process of working on the closet, I decided I needed something from Wal-Mart to make the space more efficient. However, I never made it to Wal-Mart I detoured to another business establishment, which will remain unnamed, to make my purchase.

I ran into one of the sons of our beloved builder, Homer. We chatted for a few minutes to get caught up on family news, then made my way to the cash register. Do they still call the checkout computer a cash register?. I stepped up to pay for my items and I found an envelope with a nice amount of cash in it. When I saw it I immediately knew it contained money--cash money. It was kinda plump, it just looked like it had money in it. Sure enough, cold hard cash. I counted it, put it back in the envelope and called the clerk. I told her I had found the money and presented it to her for the rightful owner to claim. However, before turning it over the the lady I placed one of our business cards in the envelope with my name written on it (Hubby's was printed on the card) with a handwritten note stating, "I'm the person that found your money." I put the card in the envelope in hopes the rightful owner will call me just to say, "thank you". I can assure you I am checking back today to see if anyone has made claim to the money.

Most people would question me as to why I turned the money in. Well, there is a principle of sowing and reaping and I want to sow seeds of honesty, expecting to reap a harvest of honesty. You cannot sow seeds of dishonesty and expect to reap honesty. Put it another way, what goes around, comes around.