Saturday, March 31, 2007

Traffic, Traffic, Traffic

So much for the trip to the Pro Bass Shop in Macon. We were going to hop right on I-75 South and zip right on down. Are you kidding!!!! We got on the interstate and the traffic was crawling. The DOT electronic sign said, "Spring Break slow traffic south bound I-75 all the way to FL." We drove to the next exit and got off. We decided to have a nice lunch at Truett's (Chick-fil-A). That's Mr. Kathy's 70th birthday celebration store.

If you're not familiar with Chick-fil-A, Truett Kathy founded the company in 1946 with his brother in a little town called Hapeville, GA. It just happened to be located near the Atlanta Airport and the Ford Assembly Plant. Needless to say, Mr. Kathy has done very well. They did over a billion (billion with a B) dollars worth of business last year. Not bad for a Jonesboro boy? The Kathys raised their family in Jonesboro and still live in their home where their children grew up. A modest brick ranch house, full of love. They have shared their lives with many, many children and families.

Well, Hubby has just announced that my bread fell. YEHS!!!!! I've got to investigate to see why. I haven't made any this week and for dinner we were going to have fresh bread with grilled salmon and greenbeans. So much for the bread this evening, unless I start another loaf. It will take another two hours before it's ready and I'm not sure I want to wait that long for supper (that's southern for dinner, ya'll).

Tomorrow is Palm Sunday. This is the remembrance of Jesus coming in to the city being welcomed and praised by the people. We are expecting to have a great service tomorrow! I sure the music will be wonderful and our pastor will being a outstanding sermon. Check it out on the web

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Steph said...

Hey, had a good read just now, finally, after a full week with Husband and one son on holidays...where does the hours go when they are home?!!
Sorry to hear about the trip to Macon, not surprised though with the traffic as it is currently.
Loved the photos of Kerry's handiwork, looks great and professional. Cheers Steph