Wednesday, March 7, 2007

Treasure Claimed

My last post talked about finding an envelope of money at a local business we frequent, almost daily. The day after finding the money I returned to see if the money has been claimed by it's rightful owner. It had not. I then inquired as to how long they would hold it--five days, according to the Operations Manager. I told them I would be back on the 5th (of March).

I returned on the 5th and was shuffled around the store to several people until I talked to the Manager. I explained what happened the previous Thursday (March 1st). I described in detail the envelope and its contests to him, he went to the place it was stored, opened the drawer and surprisingly he presented it to me, thanked me for turning the money in AND shook my hand.

I really have mixed feeling concerning this found treasure. I'm excited, but I'm sad for the person that lost their money. However, I'm not free to spend this money, it's going into the savings, but the Lord is moving on my heart for it to be used for His Kingdom.

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