Thursday, December 29, 2011


Guess what I got to do Christmas Day? Love on this beautiful boy. His English name is Sunshine, but his staff (dogs have owners, cats have staffs) call him Sunshine, but in French. Don't ask me, I don't recall. If you speak French, then you know his name. He's only eight months old and is huge.


Are there areas of your house that are driving you absolutely crazy even though you can't see it?

Well, that was the case with our attic. I knew this mess was up there. I could almost hear it! What is all that stuff, anyway? What a mess!

Our attic has been needing attention for a long time, but summer is just not the time to deal with what looms in the attic. Just look at all that stuff, I couldn't even get in the door! I knew I couldn't ignore it much longer, because we are going to put away our Christmas decorations soon, hopefully today.

The hard part was pulling all that stuff out so it could be sorted and put back in some kind of order. It took a while to get it all out so I could decide what would stay and what would go and then start putting it back. How many cookie tins do you need? And I still didn't find my glass nativity set, even though every box and tin was opened to check the contents. I don't know what happened to it!

I did purchase a metal shelf, which Hubby assembled for me. Thank you Sweetie. It took a while for him to get that cheap shelf together. I also purchased some of those semi see-through drawers.

How was it possible to have all that stuff out in that small area of the attic?

Once I had all the stuff removed I discovered I needed more of those plastic storage drawers, so off to Wal-Mart I went. I hate that place.

Then all the sorting and rearranging began. The hardest thing I did was taking my cat carriers apart. I refuse to part with them, because I know one day I will have another cat, or two or three. I also refuse to part with the glass food dishes and basket and pillow and litter box. I just can't part with those items. I digress. Let's move on. I also deflated that exercise ball. I suppose I should part with that thing. The last time I attempted to use that thing I just about killed myself. I probably need to start using those hand weights I keep moving around in the house.

After the project was finished I had four of those very large plastic bin empty and two of the smaller bins. Now we can actually get to everything stored in the attic. I think I hear noise in the basement. Oh. my. goodness! That will be a major project which will involve building shelves requiring power tools. I can operate the tools, but I want Hubby involved in that project. That might be like moving Stone Mountain.

Saturday, December 24, 2011


I've had several people ask about the almond bark in the recipe below. I wasn't able to find it so I substituted the vanilla candy coating. The candy is still delicious. I've included a photo of all the ingredients used. One reader's crock pot was too hot, even on low, so the second batch she only cooked it an hour and one-half and it worked well. Enjoy

Saturday, December 17, 2011

Seven Days and Counting

It's only seven days until Christmas. There are still many things that need to be done, but we have managed to put up a Christmas tree. This year we are reverting back to our childhood and have only bubble light on the tree. Did you ever have those? Hubby and I both loved them as children. So our tree looks like the 1950s. We love it.

We have a couple of special gifts for special people in our lives. Hubby has been busy in his workshop making some tin pieces. The large sconce was a gift for someone at the Docent's party at Stately Oaks, where he volunteers.

The smaller one is for a classy lady that we have known for many years, but moved to Florida. She has a beautiful home that the exterior is a typical Florida-looking house, but once you step inside you are surrounded by beautiful antiques. It's amazing that someone would depart from the beach-type decor in exchange for the wonderful traditional antiques. She is getting a hand-made tin sconce.

Then there is a special concert in some one's future. They are going to love it. So are we, because we are going as well. We have been to one of these concerts at Spivey Hall. Sprivey Hall is a music/concert hall built by Dr. and Mrs. Walter (Emily) Spivey. They left the money, but they both died before the construction of the hall was completed. Mrs. Spivey, who was an organist, designed the hall. It was sad, because they both had lung cancer from the asbestos in their home.

Mrs. Spivey was a very classy lady and quite wealthy. They owned Lake Spivey that used to be an amusement park of sorts. They had a man-made beach around the lake and a train ride through the woods surrounding the lake, a pavilion where you could dance and a concession stand. They eventually closed the park and turned the area into a gold mine by selling lots, expensive lots, very expensive lots and now there are million dollar home surrounding Lake Spivey.

We met Mrs. Spivey through Homer, our builder. He wanted her to see our house because he wanted to build one similar on one of her very expensive lots as a "spec" house. She was a very gracious lady and agreed to partner with Homer and build the house. The fun part, we were allowed to help with the selection of every thing in the house. It was so much fun, because we didn't have to worry about the cost. After we met Mrs. Spivey, we saw her in town one day stopped at a traffic light. It was in the mid 90s that day and she had all the windows down in her Lincoln Town Car. We shouted to her, "HEY, MISS SPIVEY HOW ARE YA?" She replied, "I'M FINE, DARLIN." Then we asked, "MISS SPIVEY, WHY ARE YOUR WINDOWS DOWN?" She laughed, "DARLIN, I JUST LOVE FEELING THE WIND THROUGH MY HAIR." The light changed and we both drove off. How did I get off on this tangent about Mrs. Spivey? Oh yes, Spivey Hall.

Tomorrow my family will be gathering at our house for our annual party. Hubby will be cooking a ham on the Big Green Egg, which is wonderful. We will enjoy some of the green beans out of our garden, which I canned this summer. Because of the picky eaters in this group we will have regular green beans and then pickled green beans. Pickled beans are, well, pickled with salt and vinegar. They are so yummy. Hubby requested glazed carrots. Why I don't know, but they are so simple to prepare. Steam the carrots, then put some butter and brown sugar in a skillet until the sugar has turned kinda syrupy and coat the carrots. Your finished. I'm making some lemon bars and some chocolate chip brownies. There are other dishes being brought as well. I've asked my niece to bring her mac and cheese, which is wonderful and my sister-in-law to bring her sweet potato souffle. Maybe we will have a pie or two as well.

I better get going or the above menu will not be prepared or the house cleaned for our party tomorrow. Merry Christmas to you all.

Saturday, December 10, 2011


This is not my recipe. I found it over at Southern Hospitality who found it in Patricia Yearwood's Cook Book.


Layer the ingredients in the order listed.

2 lbs. (36 oz.) salted dry-roasted peanuts
4 oz. (4 squares) German's sweet chocolate
1-12 oz. package semi sweet chocolate chips (about 2 cups)
2 1/2 lbs. white almond bark

1. Put the peanuts in the bottom of a 4-quart slow cooker. Layer the chocolate over the peanuts, beginning with the sweet chocolate, followed by the chocolate chips, and then the almond bark. Set the temperature on LOW and cook for 3 hours. DO NOT stir the mixture.

2. After 3 hours, stir the mixture with a wooden spoon until smooth. Drop the candy into mini cupcake liners, using just enough mixture to fill the mini cups liners. (The recipe called for regular cup cake liners and 2 tablespoons mixture, that is a big piece of this candy.) Allow the candy to cool completely before removing the cupcake liners. I was able to get 92 pieces of candy out of the mini cupcakes liners and I left the liners on the candy they are easier to store. The method using 2 tablespoons of mixture makes 30 to 40 pieces.

This does require a 4-quart slow cooker and it will be almost over flowing by the time you place all the ingredients in it.