Thursday, December 29, 2011


Are there areas of your house that are driving you absolutely crazy even though you can't see it?

Well, that was the case with our attic. I knew this mess was up there. I could almost hear it! What is all that stuff, anyway? What a mess!

Our attic has been needing attention for a long time, but summer is just not the time to deal with what looms in the attic. Just look at all that stuff, I couldn't even get in the door! I knew I couldn't ignore it much longer, because we are going to put away our Christmas decorations soon, hopefully today.

The hard part was pulling all that stuff out so it could be sorted and put back in some kind of order. It took a while to get it all out so I could decide what would stay and what would go and then start putting it back. How many cookie tins do you need? And I still didn't find my glass nativity set, even though every box and tin was opened to check the contents. I don't know what happened to it!

I did purchase a metal shelf, which Hubby assembled for me. Thank you Sweetie. It took a while for him to get that cheap shelf together. I also purchased some of those semi see-through drawers.

How was it possible to have all that stuff out in that small area of the attic?

Once I had all the stuff removed I discovered I needed more of those plastic storage drawers, so off to Wal-Mart I went. I hate that place.

Then all the sorting and rearranging began. The hardest thing I did was taking my cat carriers apart. I refuse to part with them, because I know one day I will have another cat, or two or three. I also refuse to part with the glass food dishes and basket and pillow and litter box. I just can't part with those items. I digress. Let's move on. I also deflated that exercise ball. I suppose I should part with that thing. The last time I attempted to use that thing I just about killed myself. I probably need to start using those hand weights I keep moving around in the house.

After the project was finished I had four of those very large plastic bin empty and two of the smaller bins. Now we can actually get to everything stored in the attic. I think I hear noise in the basement. Oh. my. goodness! That will be a major project which will involve building shelves requiring power tools. I can operate the tools, but I want Hubby involved in that project. That might be like moving Stone Mountain.

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