Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Money Changers in the Church

Leading up to the celebration of the Resurrection of Jesus, which is this coming Sunday, April 12th, we have been reading all the scriptures in the Gospels concerning the last week before Jesus was crucified on the cross. The reading started with Palm Sunday which was Jesus' triumphant entrance into Jerusalem and the remainder of the week will be what happened the week He was cruisfied and will end with His glorious resurrection on Sunday.

Yesterday we read about Jesus casting the money changers out of the Temple of God. He was mad! He ran everyone out that was buying and selling in the Temple, he even over turned their cash registers. The people were celling doves to the people in preparation for Passover, which by the way, starts tonight at sundown. This was a very important celebration for the Jewish people, remembering their deliverance out of the terrible bondage and slavery they were under in Egypt. God miracleriously delivered them from the death angel, if they had the blood on the doorpost of their homes. This was the straw that broke the camel's back, so to speak, and the Pharaoh released God's people. Moses lead them out and this is when they crossed the Red Sea, yet another miracle.

In a couple of weeks there is going to be a craft show and lunch at the church to raise money for a mission project. My question, is this right? Anyway, Hubby has made three bird houses he plans to have at the craft show.

The big white one is a replica of the Fayette County Courthouse, the oldest courthouse in Georgia. Our church is in Fayette County, so this should be a really big hit, it's one of a kind, I'm sure. The green house has been painted to look like an antique finish, all cracked and the little Americana house has an American flag painted across the front of it. The roof is covered with dollhouse shingle. This is a wonderful collection of really nice bird houses, but is it right to sell them at the church?