Thursday, March 19, 2009

Comb Back Chair

Hubby has been working on this comb back chair for the past months/year and has finally finished the construction. He's going to put a milk paint finish on it before moving it into the house.

We have a problem Houston. Where are we going to put this chair? I just walked through the house and counted eleven (11), yes eleven chairs he has made. I don't know where we are going to put this cone back. The others are scattered all over the house--four are around the kitchen table, and the others are in the living room, foyer and bedrooms. We would love to sell four of the Windsor bow backs that are scattered all over the house. They would look really lovely in some one's home with their antique looking finish.

Hubby cut the tree(s) down to get the wood he used to make the spindles and legs. He did buy the seat blank, which was nothing more than a thick square of wood, from a specialty lumber yard in Newnan, GA. He had to carve the seat out, which is a lot of hard work! You need green wood to make the spindles and legs, so they will turn well on the lathe.

He's going to put a nice antique looking finish on it. We had to make a special trip to Highland Hardward to buy the milk paint he is going to use. It's always fun for both of us going to Highland Hardware. I love their book section, Hubby likes the tools, well I have purchased a tool or two myself there as well.

He amazes me at what he can make from a green tree.

Sunday, March 1, 2009


Coming out of


Coming through downtown of "Gone With The Wind" territory.

I know, I know for all of you people up north, this is not a big deal, but for all of us that grew up here in the deep south, y'all, IT'S A BIG DEAL.

Do you know what happend when we have three snowflakes? Everything closes, people do a run on all the grocery stores and it's like a ghost town!

This morning before church we heard thunder, then we had some sleet and it continued to rain. We went on to church in the rain with a little snow mix here and there. We chatted with friends and made our way to our "regular" seats. If we are standing we can see outside, but when we were seated we couldn't see a thing, so I "excused" myself for a minute, made my way around to the opposite side of the building from where we sit and politely opened the blinds on the doors from the auditorium to the foyer. We had a straight view of what was happening outside. It was SNOWING and I means it was snowing hard. During church we got about an inch of snow, please don't laugh y'all, that's a lot of snow for us. Even the pastor made a comment about what was happening outside. It was not my intention to bring to HIS attention that it was snowing, but he did mention something about what has been happening outside.

This is what what happened while we were in church! We have never seen snowflakes this large since we went snowmobiling in Yellowstone National Park. It so reminded us of how beautiful all the snow was and how large the flakes can be. They must have been about half the size of my hand.

Almost home!

The roads are covered with slush, but the temperature has been right at 34 degrees all day, so that slush will turn to ice when it gets dark and that is a another story. It's almost 6:00 p.m. and we are still getting snow. We already know that all the schools and probably many businesses will be closed tomorrow. I suspect the roads will be pretty bad in the morning as the forecast is 25 degrees tomorrow morning, but it is suppose to be sunny with a high of 45 degrees. Hopefully, the roads will be okay after the sun gets up, because I tell you the people from here do not know how to drive on snow covered roads, and most of the yankee transplants don't know either!

You have to understand that when it snows here in the south, everything STOPS! Everyone thinks they are going to be unable to get to the grocery story for DAYS, so there is a huge run on all the grocery stores for bread and milk. I always wondered why not stock up on everything else while you are there. So very quickly the shelves are stripped of all bread and milk. I would think you would need something to go between those pieces of bread.

My dear friend that lives in northern Virginia just called me, and she is stuck in Jacksonville, FL and is trying to get back to Virginia. Many flights have been cancelled and she already knows she will not be getting out today. The airline told her tomorrow morning, we shall see.

Finally, we are home!

Today is my nieces birthday and she was really excited that we have all this snow on her special day. She was really excited. I think that's pretty special as well. Happy Birthday, Lizzie!