Thursday, March 19, 2009

Comb Back Chair

Hubby has been working on this comb back chair for the past months/year and has finally finished the construction. He's going to put a milk paint finish on it before moving it into the house.

We have a problem Houston. Where are we going to put this chair? I just walked through the house and counted eleven (11), yes eleven chairs he has made. I don't know where we are going to put this cone back. The others are scattered all over the house--four are around the kitchen table, and the others are in the living room, foyer and bedrooms. We would love to sell four of the Windsor bow backs that are scattered all over the house. They would look really lovely in some one's home with their antique looking finish.

Hubby cut the tree(s) down to get the wood he used to make the spindles and legs. He did buy the seat blank, which was nothing more than a thick square of wood, from a specialty lumber yard in Newnan, GA. He had to carve the seat out, which is a lot of hard work! You need green wood to make the spindles and legs, so they will turn well on the lathe.

He's going to put a nice antique looking finish on it. We had to make a special trip to Highland Hardward to buy the milk paint he is going to use. It's always fun for both of us going to Highland Hardware. I love their book section, Hubby likes the tools, well I have purchased a tool or two myself there as well.

He amazes me at what he can make from a green tree.


Anonymous said...

I just swung over to see what was new on your blog and noticed you have your picture up! I never saw your picture before! Look how pretty you are! Now I have a face for Tee. This is exciting.

Mary said...

The chair is a work of art. You'll find a place for it and then post pictures of the finished product.

I, too, have more furniture than I have room. Most is antique from family. This latest re-arranging - caused by reef tank failure - will affect our whole house. After than I plan to unload the excess unless the children will take it.

Anonymous said...

You are the bestest wood turner in the whole wide world Kez!! Love it.
Love Steph

HEATHER said...

Lovely chair. Your hubs is very talented.

greg said...

Nice chair! What are you going to do for a finish?

We have the same problem at my house- too many chairs. So I've been foisting them off on my kids. That will take care of a few more years' production.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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