Saturday, February 7, 2009

18th Century Canteen

Hubby bought a new wooden canteen and has turned it into an antique looking item. It arrived lilly white, but as you can see he has worked his magic and turned it into a canteen that looks like it is out of the Revolutionary War battles fought here in Georgia. On the opposite side he carved,


CPL. K.... L....

Ga. Bn.

Cont. Line

That is Corporal (CPL.) and his name, 2nd Georgia Battalion, Continental Line. The back side reflects all the battles fought in Georgia (one of the original colonies). Savannah--1778, Kettle Creek--1779, Briar Creek--1779.

This will be added to the collection of accouterments he has already collected, to include all the appropriate clothing. Well, I have the clothing as well and the necessary accouterments necessary to prepare meals.

These items are left over from our days of reenactments (living history). They were fun, but we retired after the surrender at Yorktown of General Cornwallis to General George Washington. That was an event of a lifetime. Over 4,000 reenacters. President Regan attended the event as well as the President of France. For some reason the English weren't too excited about the event and failed to send a representative.


How cool is this? 3-D in church of all places. The kids loved it, so did the big kids. Our pastor was making a life application point in his sermon that required the glasses.