Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Ice Skating Anyone?

This is our front yard, a solid piece of ice. If I had ice skates I could be out there cutting figure eights, assuming I can ice skate.

It was in the teens this morning with a wind chill of 9 degrees. The sun is out which has caused some of the snow/ice on the roof the melt. The high for today is only 30 degrees, tomorrow is only 31. However, Friday we are having a heat wave, it's going up to 43 degrees. Get out your bathing suits. Who knew 43 degrees would be--warm?

The main thoroughfares in the Atlanta area are okay, but all the side streets and neighborhoods are still frozen. I bet there will be another snow day for all students in the metro Atlanta area again tomorrow, that will be four days. Don't get too excited teachers and students, I heard rumors those days could extend the school year by four days.

Well, I'm going to drive to the garbage can, which is still on the road awaiting the Monday morning pickup. I don't dare attempt to walk because of all the ice along our driveway. It is much like the yard. I'm just glad we shoveled paths yesterday.


cooking4eva said...

It looks like you have an ice rink in your front yard

Mrs. Ohtobe said...

Tee - ty so much for all your kindesses and good thoughts and prayers for me!

Eric & Amanda Flintoff said...

Hi! Just getting around to writing you after you commented on our blog. Power's been insane lately and I've not been very motivated to write...I have lots to learn from Kari's non-stop blogging! I grew up in McDonough, my husband in VA Beach, but my parents moved to Fayetteville about 5 years ago, where our home church is. They're on Corinth Rd & our church is Berachah Bible Church. I know New uncle worked there years and years ago. Have a good day!