Monday, January 10, 2011


The State of Georgia, for the most part, is closed. Middle Georgia and all parts north. The sleet started last night just after dark and then it turned to heavy snow. I don't know the official amount of snowfall at the Atlanta Airport. There are people stranded there because hundreds of flights have been canceled.

We walked to the road this morning and saw foot prints in the snow. It could be our neighbor's cat or a fox. We were so amazed at how quiet it was outside, every thing is so still. I love this as long as we continue to have power, even though I will be able to cook and have hot water. I just like to have heat. We stacked firewood on the side porch in case the power does go off. Hubby has heat in his workshop that does NOT require electricity. We can always migrate to the workshop for warmth.

This is our road.

Watching the local news there is no, I mean zero, traffic at the Atlanta Airport. Some guy (I'm being nice) just set his BMW on FIRE from spinning his tires. It was a huge fire. The news media caught the entire episode on tape.

We are in for the day(s). I'm going to make a big pot of soup and cornbread. Yum.


NellJean said...

Down here near the Ga/FL/AL line in SW Georgia there is just cold. We had rain, neither snow nor sleet, for which I am thankful. Enjoying the snow from afar in photos from my friends in the north part of the state.

I put on a coat and went out with the dog. Kicked some limbs that fell in the wind to the edge of the driveway. Too cold and damp outside for old bones to linger once I breathed some fresh air.

JTS said...

Isn't it amazing how snow insulates the sound and everything becomes so quiet and beautiful?! We don't have snow here, yet anyway, but it is getting really cold out. Brrrr, I don't like it! We had anastazi bean soup and corn muffins for supper! Small world! :-) Keep warm and safe!