Monday, December 25, 2006

Christmas Eve Service

Our home has been like Grand Central Station since last Thursday (December 22).

We have had two sets of overnight guests, our Aussie friends (Hubby was helping Jono with a Christmas gift for his dad, David), and various friends dropping by during the holidays.

Saturday evening was the annual gathering of The Little Woman's entire family (we are small in number compared to some families) for their Christmas. We also invited our next door neighbors. As a result of the above, The Little Woman cooked for two days in preparation, but it was good. The great thing about all this are the leftovers.

Our menu consisted of the following:

Smoked Turkey (on the Big Green Egg)
Smoked Ham (on the Big Green Egg) these two items were to die for!
Dressing (cornbread, of course)
Seven-Layer Salad
Squash Casserole
Pickled Greenbeans (a southern thing--North Carolina, specifically, my grandmother was from western North Carolina)
Orange Salad
Tea Cakes (made this year by our neice, Lizzie, but she has mastered our grandmother's touch)
Pumpkin Pie
Chocolate Mice
Seay's Chocolate Candy (from our cousin in California)

NOTE ON SOUTHERN CORNBREAD: Have you even been into a restaurant, ordered cornbread and when you bite into it, it's like corn cake, YUK!!!!!!! Sweet cornbread? NO WAY! That is a product from north of the Mason-Dixon line for sure. Don't let anyone fool you, not even some like-to-be southerns, REAL southern cornbread never, ever, never, has sugar in it and not out of a box!!!! If you want sweet cornbread you might as well have it for dessert.

Christmas Eve we attended our regular morning church service at New Hope Baptist Church, Fayetteville, GA. Our pastor delivered a great sermon about the shepards' attitude towards the birth of Jesus. Pastor Rhys has such a great sense of humor--he's English, you know (Brighton, England). We are still learning some of his terms, even after being here a year. We love Pastor Rhys and his family! They are true servants of the Lord.

The highlight of the day was the candlelight service last evening. We were joined by two special friends, John, who Hubby worked with for 30+ years, and Kenny, one of our adopted sons. The church was full. Pastor Rhys had a short message on fear and how the Lord says, "not to fear". Then we had communion, which is always a special time and the lighting of the candles. Pastor Rhys talked about Jesus being the light in a dark world. It was beautiful. Then we sang "Silent Night".

Today, Christmas Day, we are going to have breakfast with our family. Our neice, Lizzie, was just married (to a fine young man, I might add) this past May, so this is her first Christmas in her own home, and is hosting the affair.

We must be getting ready for the journey over to Covington, GA to Lizzie's for breakfast.

Merry Christmas to you all.

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Steph Fox said...

Hey its looking good. You have been doing a lot of chatting and the page is looking great. Well done. Sorry we missed Christmas eve. Looked like it was a good night. Liked the photo too. Well done you two. Looking forward to seeing and reading more.