Monday, January 29, 2007

The Mustang

Can you have a mid-life crisis when you are on the edge of being a senior citizen? Seems as though that happened to us. In 2002, we were in the middle of operating our own business, which was a very new experience for us. Hubby had lost his job at age 55 after working at the same company for 36 years and The Little Woman was recovering from total hip replacement and preparing to retire having worked for the government for 35 years. We got the wild idea to buy us a Mustang. At the time we both were driving mini vans. Hubby had his '95 Voyager for work and I had my '91 Caravan. In fact, I still have my '91 van, we refer to her as "Old Faithful". That's a another story for another day. We knew we wanted a GT and it had to be a five-speed. No automatic for us, that's a sissy car!

After looking and searching we found what we wanted. So in November 2002, we purchased our mid-life crisis car. It has been almost as much fun as our Yamaha Waverunners. However, with the Mustang we can enjoy it all year, not just in the summer, as was the case with the Waverunners. We only drive this vehicle 34 miles per week--17 miles to and from church. This drives our niece crazy!!!! If we exceed the 37 miles per week, then we have to park the GT for a week or two.

The Mustang was needing new tires. We can't just go buy new tires, Hubby has to do all the research as to what brand tires, size, width, etc. In the process he mentioned this to a friend at church that is a Mustang enthusiast. This guy owns seven Mustangs--yes, seven (7, VII) Mustangs. They range from early models (60's type) being restored to a new beautiful 2006. Wouldn't you know it, he had a set of new rims and tires he wanted to sell. I thought we needed new tires! Why do we need rims?! For reasons, known only to God, Hubby decides those rims are a must as well.
So, Saturday morning we are off to get the new rims. I have to admit, they look cool. The new rims also require new lug nuts, after all, you can't have those old ugly, rusted, lug nuts from the old rims, so we were off to The Summit (I don't even know how to describe the Summit, other than they sell all kind of car parts for restoration of any type of vehicle). The new lug nuts are nice and shinny and they also have locks for each wheel. Why do you have to lock your wheels? I guess that's a discussion for another time.

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Coach Fox said...

If you don't lock them, someone who likes them as much as you do may decide that they need them mor ethan you do. The only consolation to this is that you'd be able to buy them back on that online auction site!