Tuesday, July 29, 2008


This great dane belongs to my niece. He is the biggest dog I've ever seen, but he's always a big chicken (Sorry Lizzie). He thinks he's a lap dog, and is in my sister-in-law's lap, for crying in the cream. He can beat you to death with his tail and his bark is HUGE! He eats like a horse, no pun intended, but Lizzie loves him. He's the biggest fur baby in the world. However, her cats rule the roost, this dog is on the bottom of the food chain in this household. Poor baby. This is one of the kitties that makes the great dane mind. She's about eight pounds, the dog weighs 150 lbs.


Anonymous said...

I love, love, love Great Danes. And I love that kitty, too. Do you people only have speckly pets?

Mary said...

That's one huge dog. It's also "dotted" as my gransdon would say. I think g-danes are so neat but they sure are a lot of dog. Kitty is pretty, too. Calicos usually have a temperment that rules the roost. Ours certainly does!

Anonymous said...

That is the biggest dog I have ever seen. So cute though. We have a puppy also, a Yellow Lab, names Sookie.
Thank you for your blog. I really enjoyed it today. Found it from ByeBye Pie. Stop by anytime you can.


Anonymous said...

What an amazing dog! Wow.
I've never had a dog, I hear Great Danes are gentle giants.