Tuesday, August 25, 2009


In February 2003, Hubby lost his Ultra Stinger Flashlight in the crawl space of a house in Peachtree City, GA while doing a home inspection. Check out the light at: http://www.streamlight-flashlights.com

He was sick, I mean sick, about losing his flashlight because it was a very good light and secondly it was expensive. Like $100 is a LOT to pay for a flashlight by most standards, but since he was making his living with the light it was certainly justified. He needed two at all times, one he was using and one charging, so he had to replace that lost light. I went back and pulled the records and it cost him $75 to replace just the flashlight. He already had all the adapters to recharge the light so he only had to purchase the flashlight.

Yesterday, August 24th, he received a strange telephone call from a gentleman identifying himself as Martin O..... (I'll not fully identify Martin for his sake) saying he needed to talk to him he had something very interesting to tell him. I immediately said, "NO" don't return the call because of all the scams going on with phone calls wanting to "verify" your personal information. Shortly after the first call the Martin called back and said, "I failed to tell you why I called, but I found an Ultra Stinger Flashlight registered in your name." Well! Hubby called him. This gentleman saw a flashlight along the road close to his home. He stopped and retrieved the light and realized it was a really nice light. He saw the serial numbers on the light and called the Streamlight people and found out it was registered to Hubby under our home inspection company name. So this Martin called Hubby.

When Hubby talked with Martin he found out he lives in NEVADA! Hubby's flashlight was found in NEVADA, ya'll!!!!!! How did it get from Peachtree City, GA to a nice area of NEVADA?

Martin is going to mail the light to Hubby. Hubby offered to pay the cost, but Martin said no, because recently he left his wallet on the bumper of his truck which was found by some nice gentleman and was returned to Martin with all his credit cards and money in tact. Martin offered to give him a reward but the person said no, just do something kind for someone in the future. I suppose this is paying it forward.

We just want to say THANK YOU, MARTIN O. for your honesty and kindness. We are excited about this event, we just wish the flashlight could talk and tell us how it ended up in Nevada.



the jake said...

What a great story!

Anonymous said...

There are kind people in the world. There are "angels in disguise". My husband lost his glasses and somebody bothered to mail them back to the optician whose name was in the case. I left my handbag in the tube and somebody handed it in to the next station. These incidents make up for what we read in the newspapers or, sometimes, suffer ourselves.