Thursday, July 1, 2010


I love having a garden, but when the produce from your garden is more than you can eat or give away you have to do some thing with the stuff. We couldn't eat all the green beans we have harvested from our three rows of beans, so I had to preserve them for future consumption.

We don't like frozen green beans and we don't care for the tin taste of green beans you purchase at the grocery store, so I can those delicious, tender beans in glass Mason jars. The past week I've canned 30 pints of beans. It is really hard and very hot work, but it will be so worth it this winter when we are eating out of our garden.

We have also had lots of cucumbers, but we are eating those for breakfast, lunch and supper. I remember when we went to Israel we were served cucumbers for breakfast and they were so refreshing. Actually, it was one of the few things we would eat, but anyway, when we have cucumbers for breakfast we always say we are having a Jewish breakfast. We aren't real crazy about pickles so we will just enjoy the freshness of this vegetable right off the vine.

Unless we get some rain the green beans are finished, at least they aren't blooming because of the hot dry weather. We do have okra that is blooming and our tomatoes are about to ripen all at once. Just what we have been waiting for so we can have BLTs, the only time of the year we eat bacon.

It was really hot on our porch. I didn't think anyone would believe me if I told them it was 110 degrees on our porch, so I took this photo. I've never seen it this not before, at least on our porch. June had some record highs, so I suppose this is one of those days.

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