Sunday, October 30, 2011

Thank You 11 Alive News


About four weeks ago we received a phone call rather early on Sunday morning. It was one of the docents at Stately Oaks wanting to know if the air conditioners were being repaired because AC parts were all over the yard. Immediately Hubby knew copper thieves had destroyed three air conditioners at the 1839 home. I heard him say, "call the police immediately."

The following day was terrible. Lots of tears and statements like, "this is the worst thing that could ever happen." Actually, it could have been must worse, because the house and other buildings on the ground were not damaged.

At the insistence of Hubby, the president of the historical society call the news media. All three local networks came out and did a story about the cooper thief and the financial hardship this would place on a non-profit organization.

As a result of the story on 11 Alive by Reporter Kevin Rowson, Cool-Ray Heating and Air stepped up to the place and donated three new air conditioners to replace the ones destroyed by the low-life thieves. Then an iron fabrication company, TMC Iron and Steel Company donated iron cages to cover the new AC units.

It was an absolute dream for the entire staff and volunteers at Stately Oaks. These people were a God send to a non-profit organization that operates on a very limited budget.

Some of the docents decided something special needed to be done for the people that made this miracle happen for Stately Oaks. So, today several of the docents and volunteers had a reception for Kevin Rowson from 11 Alive News, Britt Bagwell from Cool Ray Heating and Air and Jeff Guthrie from TMC Iron and Steel Company.

Hubby presented each of the gentlemen with plaques in appreciation for their community service and contribution to the non-profit organization. Afterwards two of the docents gave the honorees and their families a tour through Stately Oaks.

I turned around and Hubby was being interviewed by Kevin Rowson and this evening there it was, right on the evening news.

So for all of you that live in the Atlanta area if you have any heating and air conditioning needs and a need to protect your air conditioners from copper thieves or any other iron fabrication we want to recommend to you


To 11 Alive News and Kevin Rowson, the people at Stately Oaks will forever be grateful for your help during a time of devastation. This is positive news at its best.

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Sadie said...

I hate that the copper thieves stole the air conditioners, but what a happy ending. I'm sorry I missed your husband on the news.