Saturday, November 5, 2011


We have lived in our house almost 35 years and I have made very few changes to the arrangement of the furniture and not many changes to the accessories.

One of guest bedrooms has looked the same since about 1987. I bought a Martha Washington type bedspread in Asheville, NC and it has served us well, but I wanted to update the room.

This past spring we stayed in a bed and breakfast, The Pond House Inn in Elizabeth City, NC and it was a beautiful traditional house with lovely furnishings. The room we stayed in was very comfortable, except I couldn't get in the bed because it was so high and required a chair to get up in that beautiful four poster bed. I loved the coverlet and bed skirt on our bed. The bed skirt was white and the coverlet was yellow. I knew that was what I wanted to do in our circa 1987 guest bedroom. The innkeeper was very innovative when she couldn't find a bed skirt for her very high bed, she used a coverlet and it worked well and looked really nice.

I knew I wanted a white, tailored bed skirt and a yellowish coverlet. I found a coverlet but wasn't sure if it would blend with our trim. It didn't, it was too yellow. However, I didn't give up and kept shopping until I found a coverlet that did blend with our yellowy trim. All the colors in our house are Williamsburg colors and they are hard to match. After searching the internet high and low, I found a bed skirt that I liked and thought would work well.

I wanted to keep the room very traditional in keeping with our 18th century house, but a bit updated. Only thing Hubby is highly distressed that those blue pillows with the ruffles are still on the bed. I can assure you they are staying, but I think I'm going to remove the ruffle and replace it with some piping. That is a project for another day, but for now the ruffled pillows are staying.

The room is ready for our next guests, hopefully our friends from Tennessee or Virginia. Don't know who will be our first guests, but we will be ready, unless I go to jail for removing the tags off the new pillow. Oh, that does say, "...tag is not to be removed except by the consumer." So I'll be here awaiting our guests.

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Sadie said...

Your guest room is so inviting. Love the yellow coverlet and how it matches the trim. Your friends will never want to leave!