Friday, November 16, 2012


My husband's only sibling, died suddenly Wednesday evening.  He had been fighting colon cancer the past two years.  His chemo treatments had been suspended about three weeks ago because it wasn't helping, but this past Monday the oncologist started him on a new medication just approved by the FDA.  The doctor seemed to think this would stop the cancer.  Only three days into the new treatment he lost his battle.  To say we are shocked and sad is an understatement.

His daughter talked with him Wednesday evening, he seemed to be fine, in good spirits and there was no indication of any problems.  Thursday she tried to call him all day long.  Finally, late Thursday afternoon she called one of his neighbors, asked them to see if they could get him to the door.  They could not.  They had a key to his condo, so they entered.  He was on the floor in his bedroom, in his pajamas.  It appeared he had been there for a while.  We suspect he died Wednesday evening.  We are thankful he did not linger for day, weeks or months, was not in the hospital or in hospice, he was in his own home all the days of his life

He was known as Denny, until he married, then it was Ken.  He was Kenneth Dennard, Jr.  (I'll omit the last name for obvious reasons.)  He was born in 1936 in East Point, Georgia.  He was seven years and seven days older that his little brother, my husband.  He was the studious type, always reading, into electronics and gadgets, a real indoors person, quiet and reserved, just the opposite of his brother, who is an outdoor person, always moving and working, a people person.  They didn't look alike, Denny had dark brown hair, brown eyes and very fair complexion, from lack of exposure to the sunshine.  His little brother has blonde hair (well was, it's gray now), blue eyes and fair, but obviously has been exposed to the sunshine.

They were so funny, like two old women, talked to each other every single day, constantly comparing ailments, talking electronics and theater equipment, whether or not to purchase a new vehicle,  about things that happened when they were growing up and life in general, his routine of eating out and grocery shopping at Kroger on Wednesdays, because that was senior citizens day.  They were a hoot.  My husband was constantly trying to talk his brother into flying to Virginia to visit Colonial Williamsburg.  Denny wouldn't fly.  Last year he talked him into going to Florida to visit their cousin only because we drove.  We are so glad we made that trip.

Needless to say, we are heartbroken and sad.  Denny will be greatly missed.  We must not grieve too much, he is with the Lord and his beloved wife, who lost her battle with breast cancer about ten years ago.  We know if he had a choice of returning whole and healed he would not.  He is finally home.   

We love you Denny.



LEfting said...

What a lovely tribute to a man who obviously was very loved. I am sorry for your loss.

Josie Two Shoes said...

My heartfelt sympathies to you and especially to your husband who has been parted with his brother and his best friend, but only for a little while... that is our comfort. Like you, I am grateful that Denny was able to live his life until the end and that he is now home and reunited with his beloved wife. I smile in the joy of that reunion, and the knowledge that he is exactly where he would choose to be. Hugs and prayers to both of you as you work thru the sadness and the empty spot he has left behind.

NellJean said...

Oh, Tee and Mr. Tee, I am so sorry. We grieve not for a sick man to return to suffering, but for the times gone by. You are blessed to have good memories.

His death was similar to Bob's: talked on the phone one night, found dead the second day when nobody could reach him.

I know you'll miss him.
Jean Jones Campbell

Sadie said...

What a beautiful tribute. I know how much Denny will be missed, especially by your husband when he reaches for the phone for another conversation. Even with the age difference and opposite personalities, how wonderful they were brothers who obviously loved each other. May your many happy memories bring you both comfort.