Sunday, February 10, 2013


Today my mom turned 95.  We had a little party for her this afternoon and she had a ball.

She has seen a lot of changes in her lifetime, from living in rural Georgia as a share cropper's child with only a wagon and mule for transportation, raising all their own food, living through the depression, and WWII to the present.  She is certainly part of the greatest generation and is a tough lady.  She has outlived all of her four siblings, even though she is the second oldest.  She says she's going to live to be 100.    


Mary Lou said...

Happy Birthday to your Mom, who does NOT look 95!!
She must have so many wonderful stories...

Can you tell I can't wait for the coconut cake recipe? Stampeded right over here when I read your comment on the Pie!

Sadie said...

Happy Birthday, Katie! Congratulations on being such an active and young 95. Looks like a delicious birthday cake. Enjoy!