Wednesday, April 9, 2008

This is NOT good!!!!

I hurried home after spending the say with my Mom taking her to two medical appointments and two cemetaries (she wants to keep flowers on my Dad's burial plot and her brother's), and to the grocery store. We med Hubby at Chick-fil-A for lunch and while we were dining some bird tried to buy our vehcile (they put a deposit right on the windshield and side window).

As soon as I arrived home I was going to wash the poop off the windows, UNTIL said snake was spotted right under the outside faucet where the water hose is connected. There was no way on God's green earth was I going to put my hand anywhere close to that snake to turn on the water, so naturally I screamed for Hubby. He was on the phone, how surprising, and was rather irritated that I was disturbing his conversation. I found a hatchet out by the wood pile and made him kill the snake. I don't have any idea what kind it is, but as far as I'm concerned it might as well be a rattlesnake. A snake, is a snake, is a snake. This is the DEAD snake, the ONLY good kind. AND this is the first real warm day we have had. Do you think I'm going to ever plunder around in the dark out there around that water faucet again? NO WAY! I'm just saying.

Sorry about the blood, I didn't realize snakes had blood.


Anonymous said...

Hi Troyce - I just sat down with my lunch and thought I'd have a quick look at your blog and here I am sandwich in hand when up pops the dead snake with blood et al! Thanks for sharing that one! I managed to dent my car yesterday because I wound down the window to get the mail on the way home and a huge wasp was headed straight into the car - I tried to wind up the window and move forward.....except the angle was wrong and a distinctive scraping was heard as metal met brick mailbox and brick won!!!! Ho hum - sending love Joannax

Marc and Charity said...

Oh no!!! yuck! Glad it's dead. :)

George Online Cat said...

How thrilling.... we have a grass snake which swims in our garden pond. Celia affects to be very pleased about this, as she loves snakes (though I notice she doesn't go so far as to handle any). I would like to catch one, like Clariboys who lives in France and regularly brings home dead adders.

KathyLikesPink said...

Oh man snakes are probably my biggest creep-out factor!

When Darling Daughter was a toddler, I put a kiddie pool out for her during the summer - I had no idea it would draw snakes. Ick. That was the last time I did THAT.

Lizzie said...

Sam and I were getting on I-20 yesterday and a truck past us with a HUGE boa constrictor hanging out the window, head waggiling in the wind. GROSS!!! BTW-- what did you think was on the inside of snakes????