Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Look what happened on the way to the lake.

We were off to Stone Mountain, our favorite place to fish. We were going up the interstate and all of a sudden, we heard, thump, thump, thump, thump. Hubby said, "oh no, we have a flat." Sure enough one of the tires on the boat trailer blew out. There are TWO holes in the side of that tire. A nice young man stopped to help us. I was really glad, I didn't have to help change the tire. I did help take the spare off the tongue of the trailer. That was easy.

We had so much fun fishing. We ran out of bait. We only had 50 crickets, but when we left we only had two left. Every time we threw our hook into the water we got a bit. Now that's the fun way to fish. I can't stand it when you have to sit and wait for something to bite. Notice the purple cloth I use to handle those fish. I can't stand to get that smell on my hands. As for the crickets, if you will cut up an orange and put it in the cricket box, they smell like orange when you put them on your hook. Is that TMI (too much information)?

We saw a fawn, well there were two of them, in the edge of the woods. I was only able to get a photo of one of them.

The turtle was in our carport. I don't have a clue why he would be there, because there is no grass. I'll take a turtle any day over a snake. I'll even take a lizard.

Oh, Oscar is the feature photo over at George-online. Check it out at Lizzie, you'll love it'

Unfortunately, all the photos are at the top of the page and I have no control over where they are placed on the page. When they come up, it looks like Russian. I don't know what's going on with this blog site.

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