Friday, August 15, 2008

From this to this...

Rumor has it the DOT will be finished with the road by the end of August. I'm not holding my breath. When you ride down the road there are still lots of things that need to be completed, like replacing the cracked apron on our driveway. The apron is the concrete part that connects that little bit of black top to the actual road. When we got stuck (refer to first photo) they cracked it when they rolled over it with that big machine (refer to second photo) that flattens the black top to pack the rock dust/crushed rock they had to pour on that mud hold (refer to first photo). So today I was out at the road with my orange marking paint, marking those cracks on the apron and I put a great big orange arrow on the finished road pointing out those cracks. I bet DOT will be so glad to get away from us. LOL! Do you see Hubby over by the bush "supervising" (refer to second photo)?
Now we are trying to decide what type of fence we want to put back up since DOT took our nice chain-link fence. :-) We could put up a nice wooden farm-type fence for almost half of what it will cost us to put a chain-link fence, but we will have to do the labor. UGH! If we go with a chain link, we have decided we want a black one and it's vinyl. That means we would have a plastic fence! I kind of like the idea of a nice farm-type wooden fence. We just don't want to invest more money in this place, because rumor has it, people are going to be knocking our door down to buy us out for commercial property, once the highway is complete. I'm not holding my breath.


KathyLikesPink said...

Wow, that's quite a change! Good for Hubs for supervising, and double-good for you guys for using orange paint to mark it! I wouldn't have thought of that but they no doubt would have "forgot" to come back and fix it!

Mary said...

I'm so glad that you can at least get in and out of your drive without the fear of being axle deep in mud. I absolutely love the orange paint idea.

If I'm ever in position to build another fence, I believe I'll plant a rose and barberry fence - the kind with thorns. The birds would love them but neighborhood cats that are allowed to roam free couldn't get to the nests. I love cats but I hate to see baby songbirds killed.

If, by chance, the commercial buyers come to visit make 'em pay big time.