Monday, September 1, 2008


We found the kind of greenbeans we love at the Farmer's Market last week, so I bought a box. I actually had to do something with them, so here they are, all in cans ready to go to the basement to be stored.
Saturday we drove to North Carolina to visit friends from church for the day. They gave me a large bag of pears and apples, so yesterday after church I made pear relish and applesauce. I ended up with 16 pints of pear relish and six and one-half pints of applesauce. I suppose I'm going to hell for doing all that canning on Sunday.
My entire fireplace hearth was covered with all these items canned the past few days, so I got busy and moved them all to the basement. Well, then I had to rearrange what was already down there, so we will eat the oldest things first. Novel idea, I know. Once I got everything rearranged, I opened the freezer door--I had to face it. The freezer needs defrosting, so I turned it off to thaw.
Scarlett will worry about that tomorrow. I am pooped, so we are going to put on our pajamas and watch "Batman 3" this evening, excuse me, I've just been informed, that's "Spiderman 3".


Mary said...

No matter the name of the movie. You need to rest. Whew!! I'm tired from just reading about the work you've done. I hope you get rain from these storm systems but no bad wind or damage of any kind. Be safe.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful..Good job. When we first moved to Auburn from So. Cal it was so fun to can. We did peaches, tomatoes, and Brody's favorite, apple butter. So much raspberry jam, etc.
It was a very rewarding time..
Fun to see those jars all full and pretty.


KathyLikesPink said...

Oh, I used to can! When I was a kid my mom and aunts and us kids used to go to Gram and Gramps and spend days canning. They had a HUGE garden. Grandma canned everything but what I remember being allowed to help with was pickles and pear (not in the same jar you understand!).

As a young married woman I used to make jellies and jams. Haven't done any of that in a LONG time now.

Marc and Charity said...

Wow, all those cans are impressive!! We can't get applesauce here and that sounds so yummy! I use to make it, but haven't in a long time!

Glenn and Cile said...

Thanks for your prayer for our new-found kitty. We put up 3 posters on the wall around our yard but so far, no one seemed to claim her. However, last night we met up with folks from Marietta, Georgia who were traveling through Budapest and Europe, and when we were leaving our house, we put the kitty in our mud room (which is where we were feeding her and she's been sleeping at night) but left the door open to the outside so she could go to the bathroom when needed. (We've left her with access to outside several times when we've had to go run errands.) When we got home last night, she wasn't around. It's now 11:30 am the next morning and she isn't back yet. We are hoping she has found her way back home to her momma. That would be the best thing since she is sooooo young.

2sunset said...

I want to start canning again. I think with the changes in the economy we will all "have" to again.

Steph Fox said...

You're so beans!! The question is....where's ours??

So satisfying to get things all in jars ready for winter and something to look forward to enjoying in the future. Well done Troyce. You're a hard working gal.