Tuesday, September 23, 2008


It's been a while since I last did a post. It's not that our lives are boring, but we have been so busy!

Presently, we have committed to facilitate Dave Ramsey's Financial Peace University at our church, which is 17 miles away, and at a smaller church, just about four miles from us. Wednesdays we are at our church, Sunday afternoons we are at the closer church. There are about 64 students at our church (north campus) and the other church there are about 52 students. This commitment has kept us busy. It's a GREAT course. If you ever have an opportunity to take it, do so, even if you are debt free. There is so much information in that 13-week course, you can always learn something new.

Then there are always "normal" household duties, but the garden calls. I have just canned the last greenbeans out of the garden and we have pulled up all those vines. It was a bit sad. We will miss those fresh greenbeans. We still have okra and tomatoes producing. Every time I drag my canning jars and accouterments out of the basement I think that is the last time for this year, but "opportunities" keep presenting themselves to can something else.

Our next project is going to be putting the fence back up at the road. FINALLY! We think most of the activity has been completed. All four lanes are open now, the right-of-way markers have all been installed and we know exactly where we can put our fence. We have already marked jthe fence location and all the utilities have been marked as well. We can dig legally, for now, but only until October 3rd, then we have to renew the approval before September 29th. Complicated, I know, but if you don't call before you dig, and you hit one of the utilities, then you get fined. All we need are some volunteers to dig the holes for the fence posts. Do I have any takers?


Anonymous said...

No, I won't dig holes. Love ya, tho.

I have been proofreading someone's letters to his church members about that Dave Ramsey class. He facilitates his, as well. It looks good!

Jake said...

Ironically, I will be digging fence post holes tomorrow for my Mom, building her fence. Really lookign forward to it!


By the way, this is Advisor Jake, thanks for the kind words about the class.

The Little Woman and Hubby said...

Well, well, Jake, by the time you finish your mom's fence you will know exactly how it should be done, so pack your tools and just head on down. :-)


Mary said...

Would help dig if I could. You probably wouldn't be happy with the results, though.

Tee, thank you so much for your kind words of encouragment while zinnia was so very, very sick. Thanks to a wonderful vet and the caring thoughts of everyone she is doing very well. She is now eating - but only her favorites - and drinking - but only from her favorite cup. She can get into and out of the litter box - the new one. She's still weak on her left side and only walks about 7 steps before crouching down to rest but she will get stronger. She isn't in pain and seems happy to have her slaves satisfy her every whim.

You've really been a friend through this. Thanks.