Tuesday, December 9, 2008

For Your Viewing Pleasure

Photo right:

Looking to the left coming out the driveway.

Photo below:

Taken from across the road.

Took us three weeks to build these gates, then they were so heavy I could hardly help get them out of the workshop.

I'm posting these photos for those of you that have been here before, during and after the widening of the road. Our little country road is now a four-lane raceway. That 45 mph speed limit sign means absolutely NOTHING! People are flying through here like it's I-75. One of the contractors told me he was driving 65 mph and people were passing him. I've told one of the majors with the county police they could make a mint if they would just set up out here. The major told me they couldn't do that until the state deems the project complete. The speed limit sign is looking to the right standing in our driveway. You can see just how wide the road is now, it's sickening. We are so thankful the house is as far off the road as it is, because we still don't really know there is a road out there once we get back to the house. We do still hear the interstate, even though it is a mile away. The sound carries, especially with it being elevated. We even heard the train in Jonesboro the other day and that's four miles away.

This last photo is looking to the right coming out of the driveway.

We now know where we live. The fence has made all the difference in the world. During the project we didn't recognize our own driveway because of all the tree/brush removal from the right-of-way. Traveling east we have to pass the house, go two streets down the road and make a U-turn and head back west, or we could turn left into the subdivision around us, but those stupid "planters" down the center of the road blocks our view of oncoming traffic and it's too dangerous, so we just drive another 500 feet or so, and make the U-turn.

We have ordered some strap "fake" hinges to go on the front of the gate, hopefully they will be here this week.

We have been working on this since October, so I'm so ready to be FINISHED! I found some beautiful artificial wreaths yesterday, so I'll be working on those to get them up before Christmas.


Steph said...

Wow you look as though you live in Kentucky on a horse farm....bahaha!! I LOVE IT! Its so easy to identify your driveway on a busy and divided road now. Well done all round I say....I think I can even see a bit of Aussie help there!!
Good way to get photos on line rather than in all our inboxes. Congratualtions again.
Love ya

the jake said...

Beautiful! Great work.

Tee said...

We were trying for a Colonial Virginia look.