Friday, December 26, 2008

We have RATS!

Christmas Eve was rather calm and quiet. We did attend the Candlelight Service at our church. It was wonderful. We always look forward to this service. There must have been 1,500 people there, the down stairs was packed and almost all the balcony was full. We sang Christmas Carols, had special music and one of the ladies that plays in the orchestra played the harp and her young daughter played the flute. Mrs. Harp played before the service, then during part of the service she accompanied Little Miss Flute and they played "Jesus Did You Know". It was heavenly.

Christmas Day was another calm, quiet day. We built a big fire, had a very untraditional lunch--grilled salmon, fresh steamed asparagus and red potatoes. We just made a point to rest and relax after months of running and working non-stop, we treated outselves to the luxury of being couch potatoes for the day.

Tomorrow our family (my brother and all his kids, which are all adults) are coming. That menu will be a little more traditional--ham on the Big Green Egg, greenbeans (pickled and regular), mashed potatoes with sour cream and other side dishes that will be supplied by the others that are coming to the party. I don't have a clue what else we will have in the way of veggies.

However, I DO KNOW we are having some good desserts. My Mom has bakes pecan and pumpkin pies, I've made a chocolate cake, well the cake is just yellow cake with my grandmother chocolate frosting recipe. I poked holes in the layers of the cake so all that frosting could just settle down in the cake. Last time I made one everyone was fussing making sure they got their share of the cake. It's going to be wonderful. It is cooling on the kitchen counter and I caught the RATS picketing around the cake. Look at those little beady eyes. They just don't realize they are endangered species, just wait until tomorrow.


Mary said...

Those cute rats would have been doomed at my house. That's a really neat idea - can I steal it sometime?

I'm sorry I've been absent from the blogging world for several days. I missed my friends but time has been at a premium. I'm glad Santa and his reindeer have returned home to the North Pole.

Let's welcome 2009 with prayers for a peaceful year.

KathyLikesPink said...

Hi Tee! Thanks for your comments on my "Renovating This Old House" blog. It's such a relief to have that project done, and not have to work around plaster dust and tools and such.

Just caught up on your own blog - that fence is SHARP! I can't believe they made that road into such a major highway. What a pain. You are very lucky to have your house so far off the road. Your ownm little bit of heaven.

Did you see the news of all our ice and snow up here in Massachusetts? The monday before xmas, I fell on the ice and broke my right arm. I can now type but I can't grip a pen to write my name. Very frustrating.

Your chocolate rats are so darn cute! I'd love to have the instructions -would be a big hit with my Sunday School class!

Anonymous said...

Very sweet !!!!
I am now craving chocolate cake..

Have a wonderful New Year..