Saturday, January 10, 2009


Israel we stand with you. You have a right to defend your land and people. This land was given to Abraham and God told him, "I will bless those that bless you and curse those that curse you." Paraphrased from Gen. 12:3. Abraham was the beginning of the Jewish nation.

If the people of South Carolina were hurling bombs over on the people of Georgia, I know there would be some type of action taken to stop the bombings. The terrorists have hurled 12,552 bombs on the people of Israel since 911. Or let's say, the people in Fulton County (Atlanta) were hurling bombs and rockets over on the people in DeKalb County (Decatur), action to stop the attacks would be taken in short order! That is exactly what the Israeli people are dealing with as the coward terrorists continue to attack them.

Israel is the only country that calls up the residents of a location they are planning to bomb and tell them, "hey, we are going to bomb your house, you might want to leave." That's what Israel is doing. Israel is the only country that stops the attacks long enough to haul in humanitarian supplies to their enemies.


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Mary said...

I agree from the bottom of my heart.