Saturday, January 17, 2009

Please Pray

Please pray for two young women, Mish Weiss and Leah Friedman.

Leah had heart valve replacement this week. This is one of several valve replacements she has had during her short life. You see, she is only 19. She is very, very ill and needs our prayers. You can follow her blog, which is being maintained by friends at the moment. This young lady has a lot spunk and flight in her, but she is currently in a coma. PLEASE PRAY!

Mish is an American living in Israel serving in the IDF. She is currently on sick leave recovering from a bone marrow transplant because she has leukemia. She is progressing slowly, but she is progressing. Please pray for her recovery and patience. She is chomping at the bits to get out of the hospital--she's been there since last July in isolation because of her compromised immune system. She wants to be with her dear friend Leah, but can't until her blood counts reach a certain point.

These are two precious young ladies and I am asking you to pray for both of them.

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Mary said...

Prayers are (and will be) said for recovery and peace. I'll visit the web sites.