Sunday, November 1, 2009


Yep, the vest has been completed, now Hubby has a shirt, a vest and a pair of shoes for his 1860's clothing. He has decided to order a pair of trousers, and I am SO GLAD!

Both garments have been a challenge, but the vest was a set-by-set process with lots of reading of the direction and looking at the illustrations on the pattern instructions. It has three pockets and I've never sewn anything with pockets, so that was certainly a learning experience.

A picture, or two, are worth a thousand words. Hubby's head was cut off on purpose, he didn't want his hair showing, because his hair was not in order. Oh, the buckle on the back is some type of authentic type buckle that was special order.


2sunset said...

Hello again!
Pretty schnazzie vest!
Take care.

Mary said...

Oh my goodness!! That vest would be a bear to make. I always had trouble with welted pockets - they can be unpredictable. You did a great job. Setting gussets correctly can be a challenge as well. You are certainly dedicated not to mention talented.

George Online Cat said...

Love the vest. The outfit is so very attractive. Why can't all men be dressed like that now.
Incidentally, just want to suggest that - if you have a tiny cat ornament looking like Oscar -- it could go on the Christmas crib this year. After all, there probably was a cat in the stable... why not?
Lots of love to Oscar from

Steve said...


Completely off topic, but here goes...

A few minutes ago I googled the phrase, "for crying in the cream." I have been informally researching this phrase off and on for several years. My mom used to say it all the time, but it doesn't seem to be a local saying - I haven't found anybody around here who is familiar with it. Interestingly, there was only one hit on google - a comment you posted on a blog in 2007. I'm not sure if you recognize the significance of there only being one google hit for this phrase. It means it is not very widely used, at least on the internet.

If you could fill me in on where you got it from, and if it is commonly recognized in your area. I live in Canada, and my mom was raised in a small town in southern Alberta, so it's not likely she picked it up from all y'all (lol!)!

My "research" method is to ask people to finish the phrase, "Oh for crying in the..." I get "sink" and "mud", and a lot of blank looks, but never "cream".

So, for a totally irrelevant and meaningless exercise, would you mind filling me in?

I wait breathlessly for your reply!

Steve Gilchrist

Anonymous said...

Wow Troyce you've done a great job on that there vest of Kerry's. I hope he knows how much love and care have gone into his can take it out of ya that is for sure. Congrats to you on your commitment to the task. Be blessed for a Happy New Year in 2010. Love Steph