Monday, January 25, 2010

FINALE--On the clothes

Before Thanksgiving I started on another 1860's vintage vest for Hubby. Only did I manage to finish the thing recently. If I had made this one first, it would have been the only one. The linen vest was a challenge considering the fact it has been years since I have made anything, so the wool one was, shall we say, a bit more difficult. The interfacing was canvass, which made it much thicker than the linen vest. I broke three sewing machine needles making this wool vest. Hubby is thrilled and he says it is really warm, which is nice since it has been soooo cold here this past month. Well, it's cold for the south.

I don't know how it happens, but I manage to get involved (suckered) into Hubby's projects. He had me over at the history center splitting fire wood. Don't get too excited we had a gasoline splitter, not a manual wedge and sledge hammer. I would have been out on that project if we had not had the gasoline splitter. Actually, it's good exercise and it was great just to be outside. We split all the wood behind me, plus another half row behind what you can see.

The painters have FINALLY finished painting the exterior of the house. Thank the Lord! They started before Thanksgiving and didn't finish until about a week ago. It was a long hard job, even though we didn't paint the first thing. We are still in the process of replacing some rotted wood with PVC, but hopefully that will soon be finished. Hubby is putting primer on the last piece of PVC we purchased to replace the fascia boards around the back porch. AND we still have to clean paint off some of the brick and the copper roof over the bay window. The painter didn't understand why we were upset over the green paint on that roof.

Our builder's son, Kenneth, has done a wonderful job replacing the rake boards and the gable vents with the new PVC products. We won't have to worry about rot on those places ever. We have decided as the trim has to be replaced because of rot we are using the PVC. We have found a source in Atlanta that has just what will be needed.

It will soon be time to turn the garden.

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Mary said...

Years ago I did a lot of sewing so I know how complicated the vest projects were. They look perfect and I know hubby will be proud to tell everyone how truly talented you are.

That's a lot of wood, girl!! Lots of warm mornings and cosy evenings in that stack.