Monday, September 2, 2013


The Purple Heart is awarded to soldiers that are wounded in combat.  My dad was in World War II and was wounded twice.  I have all of his metals, except for the Purple Heart with an Oakleaf Cluster.  I found a copy of the orders that awarded him the second Purple Heart.  I sent a copy off to the Veterans Administration months ago and recently the metal arrived in the mail.  It is beautiful.  My husband is going to build a shadow box for all his metals and a flag awarded by the VA in his honor.

This will be displayed with the first Purple Heart he received, along with his Combat Infantry Badge, his unit insignia and the other metals.  I have to find out the order in which they would have been placed on his uniform and I need to have some one fold the flag properly in to a triangle for the box. 


NellJean said...

What an exceptionally lovely post for Labor Day, Tee!

Is there an American Legion post or VFW near you? They can help you with the flag folding.

Sadie said...

How thankful we are to our fathers who served in WWII. And so proud of them. How wonderful that you now have all of your father's medals as they, deservedly, mean so much to you.

Anonymous said...

Check with the local Boy Scouts.