Thursday, June 21, 2007

King of Tidewater

Well, Oscar, King of Tidewater has decided that his new favorite place to nap during the day is upstairs in one of the guest bedrooms. This means next time we have company I'll have to wash that bedspread before they arrive. You never know who might be allergic to cats. His other favorite place is under our bed. I have a pillow under there for him and he loves it. He's out guarding mole holes or chipmunk holes all night long, it's he job, you know, so he's what you call a day sleeper. At least when I have to use the vacuum he doesn't go crazy.
We finally had a little rain this week, which helps our garden and our grass. The grass has finally turned a little green, rather than the dried brownish color it has been as a result of all the dry weather. It's amazing how just a little rain water helps. It's going to be hot the next several days, getting up to the 90's, but the good news is, the humidity has been low which is highly unusual for the deep south. The hot weather is fine UNTIL the humidity arrives and it's absolutely unbearable. It just saps the energy slap out of you!
Tomorrow we are going fishing. I'm sure it will be hot, but there will be a breeze. I can assure you if we get out on the lake there WILL be wind. Absolutely! It makes it difficult to fish in one spot with the wind, even though we do have anchors we get blown around and around. Well, there is another factor involved, we have umbrellas for both of us. When Hubby decided to turn the little jon boat into a bass boat I insisted he purchase umbrella brackets for the back of each seat. You see, I don't fish in the sun! You bake your brain. So we both have nice golf umbrellas to keep us out of the sun and they tend to act as sails when the wind blows. That's okay, I'd rather be blown around a little on the water than bake my brain and cook my fair, freckled skin and end up being a crispy critter and my pasty white hubby getting sun poisoning, again.
I'm off to fix our lunch for tomorrow, we'll have a nice little picnic while we are out giving the fish the sore mouth.

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Gorgeous George said...

Well, of course, Oscar is on the guest bed. I think you humans have got it wrong. This is the cat bedroom and it is only thanks to Oscar's generous spirit that he allows human guests to share it occasionally.