Saturday, June 9, 2007

Summer Has Arrived

After many weeks of nice, low humidity the reality of Georgia summer has arrived. It's hot and humid and we have had one or two afternoon thunderstorms. We need MORE of those thunderstorms. We are in the middle of a severe drought in our state and we are crying out to the Lord for RAIN.

We actually had to turn on the A/C. I just hate that, because we have to close up the house. I love the weather that allows us to open the windows and enjoy the breeze. Our house is arranged so if we open the front and back doors we get a really nice cross breeze. I didn't realize that would be the case when I designed it, but it has sure worked out well.

This has been a rather busy week, the Hubby is still taking art lessons, and progressing quite nicely, I must add! A trip to the acupuncturist, not me, but my Mom (it helps with the joint and muscle pain). Don't ask me how, but it does work--all those little needles causes your body to produce it's own pain killer. Bests drugs anyday!!!! I went to my first meeting of the Civil Service Board in my local county. It was an interesting meeting and I think I'm going to enjoy this service to my community. Maybe I didn't mention that I've been appointed to the Civil Service Board, which hears appeals and grievances from employees. This time I'm on the listening end, not the presenting end. I never made presentations in my previous job, but I sure helped those doing the presenting gather all the documents and information they needed to make the presentation. Kinda like a replay of my good government job before retirement, except I just show up and listen. Well, they did send me a package beforehand and I did so SOME homework on one of the cases, but it wasn't bad. This will help keep my mind from turning to mush, if you now what I mean.

Next week is Vacation Bible School at church. This should be a totally new experience for both of us. We are working as helpers in the 3-year old class. We are working with a wonderful lady, Marlene, who will be teaching. Sunday we are helping Marlene decorate the room. Neither of us have any idea what to expect, we just know this is something the Lord has placed on our hearts, so we know HE will give us the grace to do it! Just pray--for us and the kids!

Well, we are off to another party this afternoon. Retirement is rough!

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