Friday, June 15, 2007

Paul Potts, who is Paul Potts?

Yet another performance from Paul Potts.

Check out this link:

This young man is something else. Even Simon was nice to him. This appears to be something like American Idol, but in the UK. He could be another Elliott from last year's season on AI. Elliott was back at the Finale for this season, had had extensive dental work done, let his hair grow out and I didn't even recognize him, even after they announced who was performing. Elliott had been transformed from a okay looking guy to a really good looking guy. So, go Paul Potts.

Please pray for two young women Kelli, who desperately needs a kidney transplant and Heather who's recovering from surgery to remove a large brain tumor. I've been following their blogs for a while. See Kelli's link on my previous post, Living in Grace. Heather's is Especially Heather at:

Today was our last day of VBS. It was really a great week, even though we both are exhausted. Three-year olds are busy little people and keep you on your toes. Tomorrow morning I'm sleeping late, because I am definitely not a morning person and this week has been a reminder of why I don't miss working--getting up early is the main reason. I told a friend this morning I felt physically, this morning, just like I used to feel when I was working and had to get up early.

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Kelli said...

Another outstanding performance, that left me a blubbering mess.