Sunday, August 12, 2007


I never knew 85 degrees F. could feel so "cool". It's overcast today which helps. After the record high temperatures the 85 degrees feels very comfortable. It was 100 degrees F on our porch yesterday, but that even felt "cooler", well, cooler than 105 degrees F. Amazing how five degrees makes a difference. The forecast predicts more hot weather for next week, back up to 100 degrees F. by Tuesday. I suppose more videos will be in order.

Hubby mentioned today we need to finish putting the siding on his workshop. Ugh! We'll have to get up in the middle of the night to start working on that project in order to get that siding up before it gets too hot to work. We only have about six rows to apply and I'm sure hoping it won't take us more than a couple of hours to do what seems like a rather simple job.

We saw another very good movie, "Miss Potter". It's a true story about the life of the English lady that wrote all the "Tales of Peter Rabbit." I don't recall ever having read those children's books, so I think we'll be off to the library to check those books out. This is a video we will purchase.

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