Thursday, August 9, 2007


I suppose everyone knows we are having a heatwave, well, if you ever watch or listen to the news. I think this is pretty widespread across the country. I just heard on the radio we are going to have a heat index of 103 to 110 degrees today!

Well, another day inside. We have literally been inside all week. Only getting out to deal with DOT and/or contractors down at the road.

This has given us an opportunity to just rent movies and veg out in the theater without the guilt. We've seen "Man of the Year" with Robin Williams. It was a good movie and not what we expected from a movie with Robin Williams. Surprising end. We saw two 18th century era movies, "Battle of the Brave" and "Copying Beethoven" as in Ludwig van Beethoven. The music was great, as we both love 18th century classical music. Both very good movies. Being the 18th century history buffs we are, we really enjoyed the clothing. Yesterday we were finally able to rent "The Astronaut Framer" with Billy Bob Thornton. Great family movie!

Today we are off to the north side to have lunch with The Hubby's brother and our good friend, John. I've already informed Hubby I'm wearing shorts and flip flops. It's too hot to "dress up"!


Shelly said...

Uhg...I felt like I needed to take 5 showers today! It's awful!

And you're right...not 'dressing up' weather :)

mandy said...

found you through boomama's page....
had to check out what SIMPLE and SOUTHERN was all about! my husband & i moved from Georgia a year ago to chase the dream of seminary... we left everyone there... my mom said the heat index down in Tattnall County was 117.
blessings today.