Saturday, August 4, 2007

Why am I so tired?

This has been an extremely busy week. Dr. appointments for my Mom, lunch with close friends, I had to work one day for the county, which is actually a real job, however, it's only one day per month, fishing, cleaning house for a Lia Sophia Jewelry party, whee, I'm exhausted! Then this morning we got up early to pick beans before it got really hot.

We picked and picked--22 lbs. of greenbeans and a very large basket of tomatoes. I've been stringing beans most all day, and I've managed to put a gallon of tomatoes in the freezer. This is so much easier than canning them, only thing when I get ready to use them this winter, I'll have to cook them, better in the winter than heating up the kitchen in 90ish degree weather. Monday I'll have to can those greenbeans. Last week we picked 16 lbs. and I ended up canning 11-1/2 qts. I suspect I'll have close to 15 qts. to can on Monday.

I've started to make a record of quantities and times for these type tasks, it took me about four house to can those 11 qts. from start to finish, that included cleaning the stove, putting away all the big pots and pressure cooker.

Tomorrow is our day of rest, literally. When we owned our own business we made Sunday our day of just church and rest. It has carried over into retirement, but it's a nice change to recharge for the coming week.

As of right now we don't have one thing on our calendar for next week, well, getting those greenbeans into cans. The Hubby has been testing his nail gun on pieces of the Hardiplant we have, so we probably will work on getting the remainder of the siding on his workshop. I would really like to take ONE. more. day and complete that project. Then we'll have to paint. Once thing calls for another. Now he's talking about adding on to his shop. I DON'T WANT TO GET INVOLVED in that project! How is it I always get involved in HIS projects? I did make him help me clean house Friday before the jewelry party, so I shouldn't complain.

We always look forward to church. Our pastor has been preaching some awesome sermons the past month, not that his sermons prior to that haven't been good, but he is really being bold in his stand on the word of God!


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Shelly said...

I love a pastor that is boldly proclaiming the Word!

And that is a serious amount of green beans!!! Holy cow! lol...and I bet they are so good though!

Enjoy your sabbath!