Saturday, August 25, 2007

I told you I was KING!


I see you taking my photo! Why won't anyone believe me when I TELL them I'm King of Tidewater? It's nap time and this is one of my many places to nap. I've been to poop and snoop and the grass was WET! What is that all about? I think it rained last night. That's why the grass looks green rather than the brownish it's been lately. Maybe we'll get some more rain this afternoon. We sure need it. I had a puddle to drink out of this morning. I really prefer those puddles to water in a clean dish. I'll always choose the puddle water over the bowl water. It drives my human crazy. Just like I prefer fresh meat to that fake canned stuff, unless it's a sardine. I don't like getting wet and canned fish is the only way I'll get what I really like. I'm sleepy, and I need for my human to cover me up with my blanket, so tootles.


Steph FOX said...

King of Tidewater, consider yourself blessed having such wonderful humans to care for you. Umph! Puddle water over bowl water, indeed!

Shelly said...

LOL!!! This is hysterical. He looks like so much fun :)