Thursday, August 16, 2007

Wild Animals Are Roaming

About two weeks ago I was out looking for Oscar (our cat) and saw a fox in our back yard. I rushed in the house to wake Hubby napping on the sofa. We went back outside and the fox was reclining out by the patio not at all afraid of us. That alarmed us, because a rabid fox can be very unafraid.

I was afraid he would be an enemy to Oscar, but after consulting the Internet, I discovered cats and foxes have a mutual respect for each other. We both kinda relaxed about the fox.

The following evening we found the fox out on the road dead.

Several days ago I was again out looking for Oscar and saw another fox down in the front yard over in the wooded area. I suspect he was looking for food or water. We had attempted to trap the first fox, but he out foxed us. We have a tender trap that Hubby and my brother baited with sardines. The next morning the sardines were mostly eaten, but the trap had not been tripped. We were out foxed.

Unfortunately, we found the second fox out on the road as well. It's sad because all the construction on the road has obviously run these wild animals out of their habitat.

We have lived here 30 years and this is the first time we have ever seen a fox.

We have hawks as well. We know there are three, a mom, dad and a baby. Yesterday we saw one of the hawks swoop down after a squirrel. Too bad the squirrel got away. They are rats with fluffy tails. They also eat siding off of workshops.


June Cutoff Cash said...

That's so sad about the foxes. It always annoyed me, when I lived in LA, to hear people complain about the wildlife at their homes, when they had BUILT homes in the WILD! Yeesch! The animals were there first!

It was good of you to try to help them.

Shelly said...

"They are rats with fluffy tails. They also eat siding off of workshops."
I'm cracking up over that one!

And sad for the foxes :(

The Little Woman and Hubby said...

It's TRUE, the squirrels ATE the siding off the workshop. Alas, we have replaced the eaten pieces of siding with Hardiplank. The squirrels are going to find themselves with broken teeth!